Ben Eggleston

University of Kansas


My dissertation, which I defended on December 18, 2001, is in the electronic holdings of the University of Pittsburgh library system. Here’s its page there, including an abstract of it:

Once you go to that page, which will open in a new window, you can click on a link that will download the file containing my dissertation (approximate download times are given on the page linked above).

I’ve also downloaded the file myself, and put a copy of it below, as a backup to the copy in Pitt’s holdings:

Chapter IV of my dissertation, on the publicity condition, forms the basis for much of my article “Rejecting the Publicity Condition: The Inevitability of Esoteric Morality,” published in The Philosophical Quarterly vol. 63, no. 250 (January 2013), pp. 29–57. A link to this article is on the “Publications” page of my web site.