University of Pittsburgh, Summer Term 1998
Ben Eggleston, Instructor
Philosophy 0320—CRN 01205: Social Philosophy (writing)
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Mondays, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., in CL 340
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Quiz no. 3

June 15, 1998

On the front of this sheet of paper, answer each of the following questions. Provide a distinct answer for each question, numbering your answers as you proceed. Before turning in your quiz, fold this sheet of paper in half, lengthwise (i.e., so that the crease goes from top to botton, down the middle), and write your name on the back. Only answers written on the front will influence your grade, and nothing written on the front should reveal your identity.

  1. What does the D.H.C. say is the secret of happiness and virtue?
  2. What aspect of Henry’s behavior does Lenina have in mind when she says that he is “the perfect gentleman—always correct”?
  3. According to Henry, why don’t Epsilons minds being Epsilons?
  4. When Bernard and Lenina first went out, what kind of freedom was Bernard talking about when he asked Lenina whether she wished she were free?
  5. Why does Bernard get so interested when John starts talking about his father?
  6. What are a couple of the aspects of life on the reservation that cause Linda to think the people there are “mad”?