University of Kansas, Spring 2005
Philosophy 674: Philosophy of Law

Segment schedule

One of your assignments as a student in this class is to partner with another student in the class and take special responsibility for a small segment of the course. (This will involve being a presenter and a respondent, writing study questions and test questions, and other activities such as writing paper questions and recommending reading selections. Your grade for these tasks will determine 9 percent of your overall grade.) Here is the schedule:


1 January 24–28: the rule of law Joe Nickels
2 January 31–February 4: law and morality Paul Stucky
3 February 14–18: Dworkin, ch. 1–2 John Lacey, Shandy Soleimani
4 February 21–25: Dworkin, ch. 3 and 7 Seth Day
5 March 7–11: court cases on privacy Alex Herman, Megan McGinnis
6 March 14–18: torts, contracts, property Laura Rose Barr, Devin Sikes
7 March 28–April 1: criminal law Nathan Grubb, Casey Meek
8 April 11–15: feminism and the law Marit Genero, Nathan Roser, Cliff Phillips
9 April 25–29: race and American law Tony Quartaro, Ryan Taylor