University of Kansas, Spring 2005
Philosophy 674: Philosophy of Law

In-class writing: impeachment trials

Please answer the following questions, which were two of your study questions for today’s reading. Brackets indicate text not originally part of the study questions. To answer these questions you can use your book, but no notes.

  1. What are the three things any one of which is sufficient [according to Altman] to make a trial a political trial?
  2. According to Altman, if a criminal trial is also a political trial (in any of the three respects), then can it comply with the rule of law? In which of the three ways does Altman say it is acceptable (from the point of view of maintaining the rule of law) for an impeachment trial to be a political trial?

Please write answer below the following line, after writing your name here: _______________________________

Then please fold your paper along the following line. Please fold your paper so that this side of the sheet is on the outside of the fold, not the inside of the fold (i.e., so that your answer remains in view below the fold).