University of Kansas, Spring 2003
Philosophy 555: Justice and Economic Systems

Justice and Economic Systems

Welcome to the course! Consider this page to be a “pre-syllabus”—a very preliminary guide to the course, with the information that you need to have right now (including information about how to get much more information).

The full syllabus is available on the web site for the course, at

(You can get to this site by typing in ‘’ and then using the links to get to the above site.) I strongly encourage you to visit this site at your earliest convenience, to familiarize yourself with its contents, and also to bookmark it and to check it regularly. I tend to make small changes to my courses’ syllabi (reading assignments, etc.) as courses progress, so you should check the syllabus online rather than printing a hard copy and relying on it throughout the semester. Also, as the course progresses, I’ll be posting other course documents, such as class notes and writing assignments, on this site.

Along with visiting the course web site, the other thing you should do right away is to buy the books for the course. They are

You can buy them on campus (I ordered them as textbooks), or elsewhere. Be sure to get the first one, in particular, right away, since you’ll need to read some of it before our second class.