Washington and Lee University, Winter 2002
Philosophy 101: Problems of Philosophy
Ben Eggleston—EgglestonB@wlu.edu

Related reading

For information on A Theory of Justice, check out its page at Harvard University Press (don’t miss the links there) and this profile of Rawls published in Prospect Magazine in 1999. There is also a nice portrait of Rawls, along with a short account of Rawls’s career, on his page at Harvard.
Nozick also has a page at Harvard. For information about Anarchy, State and Utopia, see this page at its publisher. Although Nozick has worked on many other topics than those of ASU since its publication, he returns to some of its themes in this 1998 online article, “Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?
Living High and Letting Die has a page here, and Peter Unger, of New York University, has a page here. Andreas Teuber, a philosophy professor at Brandeis, has a link to a New York Times article (mainly about Peter Singer) in which some of the ideas in Professor Unger’s book are discussed.