University of Kansas, Spring 2004
Philosophy 160: Introduction to Ethics

Preview of test on applied ethics

The test will be given in class on Monday, May 10. There will be twenty multiple-choice questions, each worth 5 points.

The questions will be drawn from two sources.

  1. First, many of the questions will be based on the study questions for the applied-ethics part of the course. If you can answer the study questions, you should be able to answer the multiple-choice questions that will be based on them.
  2. Second, many of the questions will be based on the written notes displayed on the screen in class during lectures. If you understand and have absorbed the content of those written notes, you should have no trouble with the multiple-choice questions based on them.

To study for the test, you should study not only these sources—the study questions and your lecture notes—but also the passages in the articles that are emphasized in the questions and notes. As before, you’ll find re-reading these passages to be a lot easier and faster than reading them the first time was, so be sure to take advantage of your increased understanding of the articles and re-examine them when studying for the test.