University of Kansas, Fall 2003
Philosophy 160: Introduction to Ethics

Normative-ethics test handout

The test will be given in class on Monday, November 3, and will consist of 100 points’ worth of questions.

  1. There will be eight questions, worth 5 points each, requiring you to select statements or quotations that answer certain questions. These questions will resemble the ones on the first part of the meta-ethics test. As before, there will be more answers than questions, so this part of the test will not be as simple as one-to-one matching. But the answers will be grouped into several reasonably-sized answer banks instead of all being in one huge answer bank.
  2. There will be four short-answer questions (two 10-point questions and two 20-point questions) drawn from the list of possible test questions (numbered 15–43) in the online notes on normative ethics.