Washington and Lee University, Fall 2001
Philosophy 101: Problems of Philosophy
Ben Eggleston—EgglestonB@wlu.edu

Related reading

The books for this course are James Rachels’s The Elements of Moral Philosophy and the companion volume that Professor Rachels edited, The Right Thing to Do: Basic Readings in Moral Philosophy. Here’s the picture of him from his page on the Web site of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he teaches.

The prisoner’s dilemma game that we played in class on October 22 was based (with some modifications) on this material on the Web site of Alannah Orrison, of Saddleback College.

Cloning, which we talked about on November 7, was in the news later in November, when it was announced that scientists had recently created the first human embryos from cloning. The New York Times article about it is here (log-in required), and the scientists’ own account of their efforts is here, in Scientific American. The latter article is accompanied by many useful links.