University of Pittsburgh, Summer 1999

Philosophy 1380: Business Ethics

C.L. G13—Mondays, 6 p.m. to 8:55 p.m.

Ben Eggleston—

Reaction paper assignment no. 2

Maitland distinguishes three levels of self-regulation for businesses. Which of these would be the most effective form of self-regulation? (You do not need to describe the three levels; just identify the one you favor and say why it’s better than the others.) In your answer, explain what impact the form of self-regulation you favor would have on either the Beechnut case or the Pinto case.

Answer this question in a paper of 300–500 words. Make sure (1) that the point you want your paper to convey (i.e., your answer to the question) is clearly stated and (2) that you provide support for your answer with some reasons that show why your answer is the correct one. Be brief: your response should not exceed 500 words.